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The risks your child might be taking without you knowing

Recently, in school we have noticed an alarming trend in children using Social Media with age-restrictions. Although the vast majority of children are very aware of the risks and say they don’t use them, there’s a minority who do.


Those children who have spoken to teachers about this freely admit their use of it and that begged the question- what can we do as a school to help to ensure that parents have the full facts to hand and understand the risks involved with allowing children to use these online tools or even not being aware of their child’s use of them?


As well as doing a rigorous e-safety programme in school, on each phase page on this school website, we have placed a link to NSPCC’s Netaware guide to Social Media.  It is an attractive website that tells you:


  • What each app is called and what children use it for
  • What the age-restrictions are
  • The risks associated with each app.


If you cannot find your child’s phase section of our website then directly access the website from here.


If you have any questions or want to discuss any of this, please pop into school.  The co-heads will be happy to help as will Mrs Alsop and Mr Tucker.  We urge you to check out the site even if you think your child is not using Social Media.  Some of the 39 apps on there surprised even us!


Please check out the website for peace of mind.