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Crockerne Church of England Primary School

To be the best me that I can be

Year 3 / Year 4


Welcome to Key Stage Two! 

Welcome to Year 3/4!

Term 3 and 4


What can you do when you've got nothing to do?

-This project's main curriculum focus is Geography, Computing and persuasive writing.

In this project, the children will be learning all about their local community and what it has to offer. They will be learning about location, how to read maps, give directions and describe their surroundings using landmarks. They will be researching both the local area to the school and the wider surrounding areas, so that they can use this knowledge to help them write adverts. They will learn all about persuasive writing and how to apply these features in their own work.

The end product of this will be an innovative advert promoting the local area which will be written by the children and filmed using a green screen app. A great opportunity to shout about what the South-West has to offer! 



Term 1 and 2

Our first topic of the year was ‘Can you help save the planet with words?’ This has a Science, Geography and Poetry focus. We were learning about Climate Change and the changing environment. Children learnt all about natural disasters, pollution and how our planet has been impacted by this. This included work on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and what we can do to help the environment. This built on the environmental knowledge learnt in Year 2 during the topic, ‘Are we keen to be green?’

Our finale to this fabulous project was producing and publishing our very own poems about the world around us and sharing ideas to a wider audience so that together, we can help save the planet with words. 

Our Project Overview


Below is the cycle of projects and the subject focus.  The project title and outcome may change - that is to keep the engagement in learning as the children progress through the school.


Year Term 1 and 2 Term 3 and 4 Term 5 and 6
2020/2021 Can we help save the planet with words What can you do when you have nothing to do? Can the river bring the Pyramids to Pill
Subject Focus Geography/ Science/ Poetry Local History/ Geography/ Computing History
2021/2022 Wardrobe Worlds where ART thou? What's eating you? Why is there a bath in Bath?
Subject Focus Art Science (food chains etc) / Geography  History


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