Crockerne Church of England Primary School

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Computing at Crockerne.


At Crockerne, we love computing! We want our children to build a healthy and balanced relationship with technology and see the learning potential that comes from their time spent online. Technology has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives in today’s society, both within school and in their lives outside of school. Technology creates a portal into an ever-changing world where children can express their ideas in innovate and creative ways.  


Our aim at Crockerne is to support children in becoming Master of Technology by allowing them to be confident and knowledgeable users in all areas of computing. Through our embedded computing curriculum children will gain transferable skills which will support them in their school and future professional ventures. The computing curriculum is progressive and builds on the previous year's skills and knowledge and allows children to apply these skills and knowledge in a range of creative ways. Our computing curriculum covers computer science, information technology, digital literacy and E-safety. All lessons are designed around the Purple Mash scheme of work but are tailored to ensure all children’s needs are being met. Discreet computing lessons are taught weekly, and links are made continuously to real world examples throughout all year group topics. We have created a connected world framework to ensure coverage of the National curriculum attainment targets and to support progression. During computing lessons children will use either Ipads, desktop computers, chrome books or programmable toys such as bee-bots.  


Online safety is also a large focus within Crockerne, we want to support children in becoming and remaining responsible online citizens. We believe that children should be aware of the positives and the dangers of the online world and the best way for children to be safe is to be aware. At Crockerne we teach online safety discretely but also continuously model using technology safely, responsibly and positively.  


Our expected impacts: 

Children to become critical thinkers who are informed and can make appropriate digital choices.  

Children to understand the importance of computing in their school career and applying leant skills suitably.  

Children to know what healthy use of technology is, to create a balance of hobbies and to understand when to stop consuming.  

Computing Aims