Crockerne Church of England Primary School

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Governors Pecuniary Interests

Crockerne Church of England Primary School Governing body       
Register of Business or Pecuniary Interests 2023 - 2024    
All governors at Crockerne Church of England Primary School have made declarations and                                                      provided information, if applicable, regarding pecuniary and business interests:-   
Name of Governor  Type of Governor  Appointing Body  Term of Office  Focus Group  Directorships, partnerships and employments with  businesses that provide good or services to the school(s)  Trusteeships and  Governorships  Any other potentially relevant interest  
Astrid Tiesema-SamsonDioceseEx-officioSept 23 - Aug 24EthosNone None N/A 
Lucy BlowsDioceseEx-officioFeb 21 - Jan 28EthosNoneNoneN/A
Zac Coley Co-opted LGB Feb 22 - Jan 26 CSSNone None N/A
Mathieu WildmanCo-opted LGB Feb 24 - Jan 28Premises, H&SNone None N/A 
Jenny Lake Parent Parent Body Sept 21 - Aug 25FinanceNone None N/A 
Jayne Phan Parent Parent Body Sept 21 - Aug 25FinanceNone None N/A 
Kevin Arden Parent Parent Body Sept 21 - Aug 25Science, DT & RENone None N/A 
Bryony Roberts Parent Parent Body Sept 21 - Aug 25SafeguardingNone None N/A 
Sarah Spencer Foundation Ex-officio Feb 22 - Dec 26CSSNone None N/A 
Emma BrayHeadteacherEx-OfficioSept 23 - Aug 27FoundationNoneNoneSchool Employee
Lucy ReesStaffLGBSept 22 - Aug 26CSSNoneNoneSchool Employee
Juliet EvansStaffLGBNov 23 - Sept 27 NoneNoneSchool Employee