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Crockerne Church of England Primary School

To be the best me that I can be

Who’s Who

Teaching Staff 
Staff Name Class Phase Leadership Role
Lara Furmidge     Co Headteacher
Geeta Verrell     Co Headteacher
Richard Hill Lime Year 5/6            Assistant Head/ Maths/ Year 5 /6 leader
Sonya Crutchley Maple Year 5/6 Assistant Head/ RE/PSHE
Juliet Evans   Nursery  
Sharon Alsop Owls Reception/Year 1 SENCO
Phillippa Hawker Owls Reception / Year 1 Geography
Juliet Alcock Squirrels Reception / Year 1 Reading for Pleasure
Becky Smith Squirrels Reception / Year 1 Design Technology / Music
Tracey Whitehead Badgers Year 1 EYFS/Y1 Phase Leader/ Art
Andrew Creton Willow Year 2 Year 2 Phase Leader/PE
Hannah Cook Birch Year 2 Reading/ History 
Tracey Arnall Birch Year 2  
Laura Hill Chestnut Year  3 /4  Year 3 /4 Phase Leader/ Curriculum/ History/Geography
Billy Brogan Oak Year 3 /4 Science
Lynn Sweeney Hawthorn Year 3 /4  Computing / Website
Jacquie Hills Cherry Year 5/ 6 Writing/ Spelling
Charlotte Palmer Cherry Year 5 /6 Writing/ Spelling
Helen Hill   Year 5/6 and PPA Languages



Safeguarding Leads


Tanya Slater Designated Safeguarding Lead Learning Mentor
Geeta Verrell Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Co-Headteacher
Lara Furmidge Deputy Designate Safeguarding Lead Co-Headteacher


Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Name Phase
Tracey Arnall Year 2


Learning Mentor

Name Phase
Tanya Slatter Whole School

Teaching Assistants

Name Phase
Abi Holt Nursery
Emanuela Marino Nursery
Butzi Schlaadt Nursery
Sarah Evans Reception/Year 1
Caroline Withers Reception/ Year 1
Sally Llewellyn Reception / Year 1
Janet Sharp Year 1
Sarah Furniss Year 2
Esme Pain Year 2  (1:1 support)
Zoe Freeman Year 3/4 (School 1:1 support)
Jayne Pain Year 3/4 
Claire Day Year 3/4
Andrea Hayes Year 3/4
Ewan Mason Year 3/4 (1:1 Support)
Jack Holman Year 5/6 (1:1 support)
Wendy Gilmore  Year 5 /6
Jen Tovey Year 5 /6 (School 1:1 support)
Claire Wring Year 5 /6 (School 1:1 support)
Penny Good Year 5/6 (1:1 support)
Jayne Gilmour Whole school support


Office Staff

Names Role
Julie Howarth Bursar
Sharon Rowles Office Support
Katie Rowles Office Support
Debbie Brennan Office Support


Breakfast Club/ After School Club

Name Club
Sally Llewellyn Breakfast and After School Club
Sarah Evans Breakfast and After School Club
Bev Sykes Breakfast Club
Wendy Gilmore After School Club
Claire Wring After School Club
Emma Lacey After School Club
Maggie Stenner After School Club