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History at Crockerne Church of England Primary


At Crockerne, we love history! Our aim is to make it as real as possible by inviting in historians and other experts in this field. This helps the children to understand how history fits in within the wider world and what history can teach us today. Where possible we immerse children in history through taking them on educational trips, where they can build on their knowledge by seeing in context.


Each historical period we learn about has the same learning objectives consisting of the same knowledge each time we cover the project, however we aim to produce an innovative outcome each time. This means that, whilst we always teach Ancient Egypt in Year 3/4, the children will not know what to expect even if an older sibling has studied this project in previous years. 


There is always an exciting twist when learning periods of history at Crockerne!

History Timeline

History Knowledge Organisers


Below you will find Knowledge Organisers for each area of History in our curriculum.

History Knowledge Organisers Year 2