Crockerne Church of England Primary School

To be the best me that I can be


Welcome to Crockerne Church of England Primary School. Based in Pill, North Somerset, Crockerne strives to provide the best education we can for all of our children, whilst maintaining our church school distinctiveness.


We believe that Crockerne children can achieve anything and we encourage our children to be 'the best me that they can be' through a gem point system, which includes qualities such as; courage, perseverance being responsible, cooperation, collaboration and supporting others. This helps our children to develop learning dispositions and become independent, confident learners.


Our curriculum is designed to be as inspiring and engaging as possible, based around core skills, which encourage children to think beyond themselves and to consider the wider community. We strive to expose Crockerne's children to a wide range of careers and pathways using our REAL approach. REAL (Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic, Learning) is an approach to learning that connects deep subject content with real world problem solving. This enable all students to create extraordinary work that matters in the real world.


At Crockerne we encourage parental engagement through our REAL projects, using knowledge organisers for homework, parents' evening and school events. We believe this puts our school at the heart of Pill community and involves parents and carers in their child's learning journey.


We aim to keep parents and carers informed through letters home, parents evenings, phone calls and the school website. Additionally, Crockerne uses Twitter to celebrate learning and to remind parents of key dates and events. 


Should you require paper copies of anything included on our school website, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on (01275) 372659.




Geeta Verrell and Lara Furmidge Co-Headteachers