Crockerne Church of England Primary School

To be the best me that I can be

Ofsted, SIAMS (Church Inspection) and Performance Data

Crockerne Church of England Primary School was rated ‘Good’ following an Ofsted inspection on 17-19th September 2019.


The following comments were taken from our most recent Ofsted report:


Crockerne School is a caring and supportive place. Pupils say that they enjoy school. They told me that they like learning and expect to work hard in lessons. Pupils say that everyone in the school expects them to behave well. They told me that the school teaches them to ‘be ready, be respectful and safe.


The school helps pupils to be caring citizens who are ambitious to achieve their best. They behave well in lessons and expect to try their hardest. Lessons help pupils to build their confidence in working with others, including visitors from their community. There is a wide range of out-of-school activities for pupils to enjoy. Disadvantaged pupils also take part in activities such as drama and science clubs.


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SIAMS Statutory Inspection of Anglican and. Methodist Schools


The strong, caring partnership of the co-headteachers has created an effective team. So that all members of the school community are fully committed to the school’s vision. There is a shared sense of purpose, to overcome barriers to enable all to ‘learn without limits’. As a result, staff and pupils are inspired to ‘be the best me they can be’. Consequently, relationships are strong and caring and behaviour is exemplary, applying the Christian values of love and respect to all.  Christian outreach is a key feature of the school that builds mutually beneficial bonds between the school and the community it serves. As a result, parents speak positively of the on-going support they are given, particularly in times of need or loss. 

The values also make a difference to the ways pupils interact daily. They say, ‘people don’t laugh or make fun of our opinions. Our values of respect and tolerance help us get along.’ Therefore, pupils enjoy school, feel safe and want to learn. Attendance is high.

The strategies for acknowledging pupils’ good choices are firmly rooted in the school’s vision. Gem points are awarded providing concrete shining examples to celebrate.

In addition, school leaders are keen to challenge pupils to grow as leaders. Pupils respond positively to their roles as school council or collective worship crew. As a result, they are growing in maturity and actively support other children and the community.

Pupils also benefit from a curriculum that is rich and varied, developed through projects. These are planned to leave a legacy of learning, life experiences, aspiration and hope for the future. Charitable giving is driven by these young people, who want to follow the example of the Good Samaritan. In being the best neighbour they can be to others they are growing as effective young citizens, positive advocates for good.

Performance Data

Our most recent exam and assessment results for KS2 can be seen here.  (Please note that these are based on 2019 data, due to the recent pandemic and are not a current reflection of our performance).  

Key Stage 2 Exam and assessment results 2019 - NOT CURRENT
Average progress scores
Reading -1.20%
Average scaled scores
Percentage of Pupils achieving expected standard or above
Percentage of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment




This information, and a comparison to other primary schools, may also be found on the Government performance website, which may be accessed here: