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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


The children are now entering the next stage of their learning.  They widen their learning experiences, developing their stamina to concentrate for longer.  They have a lot of fun while they are doing it.

Year Two Project                                     Terms 3 and 4

Did they fetch the engine?

In Year Two we will have a big history focus as we learn about the Great Fire of London. We will go back in time to meet a servant of Samuel Pepys and find out all about it and what happened next! We might even write a letter to King Charles II! We will also be learning about fire-fighting in the present.

We will start the term looking at traditional tales, re-telling and innovating stories. We will explore the use of colour by famous artists and create our own masterpieces.

We will also learn about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and we will use our DT skills to design and make some delicious dip and dippers.



Birch – Mrs Arnall (Mon, Tues, Wed), Miss Cook (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Willow – Mr Creton

Y2 Teaching assistant – Mrs Furniss



Topic 1 – Is there water everywhere? (Environmental focus)

Topic 2 – Did they fetch the engine? (The Great Fire of London)

Topic 3 – Do plants have babies? (The Stone Age, plants and animals)



Term 1 and 2 (September to December 2023)


Is there water everywhere?

In Year Two we learn about coasts, beaches and the oceans. We immerse ourselves in the “Sally and the limpet” story by Simon James and come up with some exciting innovated versions. We learn about Grace Darling and discover why she is famous. We name, learn and sing about the oceans and continents. We make some beautiful ocean art using music, weather and colour as our stimuli, and consider how our actions in our community might impact on our oceans and our world … what could WE do to help?

Recent Year 2 Activities

Multi-Skills Festival

Year Two enjoyed a fun and competitive Multi-skills Festival run by The North Somerset PE Association.  We tried 6 different activities including tri-golf putting and "Molky".  

The future of Crockerne sport is in safe hands!

'Did they fetch the engine?'

Year 2 have enjoyed several history enrichments, as part of our "Did they fetch the engine?" project:

Visit from Belle Foot - Thames Barrier Engineer!!

Year Two were delighted to have a visit from Belle – a former Thames barrier engineer.

Belle reminded us about how tricky it was to collect water from the River Thames during the Fire of London. She told us that the river would have been very dirty and the banks would have been oozy mud.


She showed us the high stone walls that the Victorians built along the sides of the river and told us about the sewer pipes.  Then she told us about a terrible flood in London in 1953 when 307 people died. This was caused by a huge storm and a surge of river water meeting the high tide of sea water.


Belle taught us about the Thames barrier that can be used to stop floods. She even had a piece of the metal gate – it was really heavy!


She told us she used to love playing in the sand at the beach and watching the tide come in and out. She studied hard at school and in university to become an expert engineer. Maybe one of us will become an amazing engineer in the future … WHY NOT?

Visit to Pill Fire Station

We visited Pill Fire Station to learn about the fire service today so we can contrast with 1666.

Visit from Jethro Knuckleskull

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Jethro Knuckleskull, servant to Samuel Pepys, all the way from Seething Lane, London in 1666.

Year 2 Information



We have a trip that is linked to our topic during the summer term and a visit from ‘Jethro Knuckleskull’ in the spring term to bring our history topic to life!



Homework will be sent out every Friday and books should be returned by the following Wednesday. Sometimes this will be the form of a Knowledge Organiser which contains all the key knowledge we would like your children to know. The idea is that you share this together regularly to consolidate understanding.



In Y2 reading is taught through ‘Whole class reading’. This helps to develop children’s fluency and comprehension. Children will also be read with individually or in small groups. We have a weekly reading raffle, any children who have read at home 4 times or more will get a raffle ticket. Please record any reading that is done at home in the yellow reading record book. Bring your books in every day.



PE is on a Monday and Thursday please name all PE kit and keep in school.

We run and exercise everyday so suitable shoes please.


Drinks and snacks

Bring in water bottles every day. Fruit is provided or can be brought in from home. We are a nut free school.



Here is an example of a weekly timetable.


 Morning RunMorning RunMorning RunMorning RunMorning Run

Whole Class


10.30-10.45Break TimeBreak TimeBreak TimeBreak TimeBreak Time

Whole Class






The school’s primary method of communication is email. Updates and reminders may be texted. Check the whiteboards outside the classrooms regularly for information. We are available before or after school if there is anything you feel we need to know.


General Information

  • Please can children not bring in toys from home or any items that are valuable to them.
  • The children can bring in books from home to share with the class.
  • Please let us know if anyone different is collecting your child from school.


Year Two

Year Two is the only single year group at Crockerne so the children learn in smaller classes and have lots of opportunities to work as whole year group.



Real Project Overview


Main Project ThemeEnvironmentalFire of London.Plants and habitats
Main Subject FocusScience GeographyHistory DT ArtScience PSHE Music
Example experiencesRaise money to adopt an endangered animalVisit by Samuel PepysVisit to Tyntesfield House



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