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Reception / Year 1

Welcome to Reception / Year 1!




Welcome to Reception / Year 1

Term 3 & 4


We are so pleased with the way your children have settled into Reception and Year 1 during the last two terms. They are doing a fantastic job of following our class rules and we are very proud of them! 



Term 3 & 4 project - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  


This term the children will be learning about Traditional Tales. We will look at a variety of stories in depth and use them to link to our science and Design Technology curriculums. We will focus on materials and which ones are best for building stable structures. We will investigate other properties of materials such as those that are strong, stiff, bendy, stretchy, hard, soft, rough and smooth and also those that are waterproof. In term 3 we will design and make our own houses. We will also be evaulating porridge and different flavourings.


In maths, Reception will be exploring numbers to 10 in depth including accurately counting objects and subitising.  We will be exploring 10 frames.  We will be adding together numbers less than 5. Year 1 will be focusing on addition and subtraction within 20, place value within 50 and measurement.


We all have phonics every day. Reception are beginning to learn the Phase 3 sounds (sh, th, ch, ng, ai, ee, igh/ie, oa, ue etc.) and are practising blending them into simple words.  Year 1 will continue to learn new alternate ways to make sounds previously learnt and write them in words and sentences.  


Children will continue with our weekly Rainbow Challenges, which support and extend their independent play and learning. 


Reception parents:  please remember to access your child’s Tapestry learning diary.  Please feel free to add any photographs and comments.  Please try to share a book with your child 4 times per week.


Year 1 parents: please remember to read 4 times per week.  Check your Purple Mash log in and explore the site together.  



From the Early Years and Year 1 team 

Project Overview


These are the projects in our two year cycle.



Term 1 & 2

Term 3&4

Term 5&6

2020 / 2021



What animals can we find in our bible stories?

Plants and fitness

How does a plant keep fit?


Is it a pirate’s life for me?

Subject Focus

Science, Geography, RE

Science and PE

DT, History and Geography

2021 / 2022



How is the world filled with colour?

Traditional Tales

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


Who’s the queen of the castle?

Subject Focus

Art and Science focus

English and DT and Science focus

History and Geography focus



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Reception Curriculum

These three areas are known as the prime areas:

  • Communication and Language (CL)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

These prime areas are supported, strengthened and applied by four specific areas:

  • Literacy (L)
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Understanding of the World (UW)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)


Year 1 Curriculum

We teach the National Curriculum through our project theme approach.


Recommended Reading List - Reception and Year One