Governor Information

Welcome to the Crockerne Church of England Primary School governors page.

All schools are run by a governing body which work closely with the head teachers.

School governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They are the strategic leaders of our schools and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education.

Governors are accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the school.

As a Governing Body we have three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money well spent.

Most of our work is carried out through our three main committees, Finance Premises Health and Safety and Safeguarding, Curriculum Standards and Staffing and Ethos.

Governors are either elected or appointed to the Governing Body depending on the type of governor they are.

  • Parent governors are elected by other parents
  • A staff governor is elected by other staff members
  • A local authority governor is recommended by the local authority of North Somerset and appointed by the governing body.
  • Foundation governors are appointed by the school’s founding body the church
  • Co-opted governors are appointed by other members of the Governing Body


Parents may contact us through the school if they wish.



Maggie Young

Chair of Governors

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