Collective Worship

All children will take part in a daily act of collective worship which is most often broadly Christian in character, i.e. reflecting the traditions of Christian beliefs in keeping with the terms of the 1996 Education Act and the School’s Trust Deed


1. Rationale


  • To develop a sense of the school as a community within a wider community;
  • To provide a quality shared experience, creating an atmosphere where reflection and sharing of ideas, values, experiences and understanding is encouraged;
  • To allow children to have opportunities to reflect upon their own place in the world;
  • To foster relationships with local faith groups – particularly local church denominations.


2. Aims and Objectives


  • To provide the children with a separate part of the day when they can reflect on collective expressions of joy and sadness, thankfulness, need and to share concerns and experiences;
  • To foster a school ethos of respect for others, and of caring and sharing;
  • To introduce and foster spiritual awareness;
  • To develop an increasing awareness of the Christian calendar, and other significant festivals from other major faiths;
  • To fulfil the legal requirements.

collective worship policy

Term 1 2014/2015

Monday – SEAL (Headteacher)

Tuesday – Class Assembly

Wednesday – Key Stage Bible Focus

Thursday – Hymn Practice/Visitors

Friday – Wider Theme / Values (Headteacher)

Altar Cloth  – reflects the Church calendar

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